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Brandon Marlowe - Host

Drawn to the stage from an early age, Brandon loves two things in life: entertaining people and hockey. He is no stranger to performing and studied theatre at the Langley Fine Arts School for 12 years.  Brandon is an adventure seeker and has lived in the Arctic Circle for 7 years, spent time living in the Midwest of the US, and backpacked around South America for 7 months.


Throughout all of his adventures, one thing kept him close to home - Canucks hockey. As a lifelong fan, hockey has always been a constant source of entertainment and a connection with the people he loves. Nothing gives him greater pleasure than to have the opportunity to talk to veterans, insiders and super fans of the game. He hopes to share his view on hockey and learn more along the way. Go Canucks Go! 

Ryan James - Host

Ryan played hockey for almost 20 years at various levels and played against future NHLer’s, where he realized he wasn’t cut out for the big leagues and instead decided to find a different outlet to stay involved in the game. An avid Caps fan, Ryan also enjoys working out, reading, and pursuing other passion projects aside from The Hockey Minute.

Matt Giannotti -
Producer/ Audio Engineer

Matt is an award-winning composer and producer. His hockey journey started at the age of 5 attending a New York Ranger open practice and has been hooked since. His biggest hockey accolade is winning MVP in a 4th grade floor hockey tournament. As a composer, his music has been performed in venues around Europe and the United States, including Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey. He holds a PhD in music from the University of Edinburgh where he taught for 3 years.

More on his site:

Julia Cupolo - Writer

Julia is a writer, editor, videographer, photographer and a former NCAA fencer with experience in the sports media world. She earned her masters in Digital Multimedia Production from Sacred Heart University.


Julia got into hockey in 2006, after watching a televised Rangers game with her father and brother. She saw a fight break out and her face was glued to the screen. She became a blueshirts fan ever since.


Ig: jcupolo_photography

Marcus Bender - Writer

Marcus lives in Montreal, and for the past 15 years he has run his own tourism company. Iko Tours specializes in group bus tours to Niagara Falls, Quebec City and New York City. Marcus has led over 1,000 Tours over 15 years for over 40,000 people in dozens of languages over his career. He speaks English, French, Spanish, Japanese, and a bunch of other different languages.


Marcus studied Hockey Scouting and GM Management online with Sports Management Worldwide. He plays hockey three times a week, writes hockey trivia questions, and is the Commissioner of a prestigious local hockey pool for the past 20 years.


He has a personal blog about hockey and philosophical musings at:


Interests Include Music, Chess, Languages, Reading, Writing, History.

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