One of our favorite Vancouver Canucks Highlights - Bo Horvat's Wicked Goal

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Check out our recent episode E57: Aug 18 News - Tukka Has Left The Building to hear the full story:

“Just quickly though,

We gotta give props to James Duthie because James Duthie had a tweet about Horvat’s goal that you mentioned. He said ‘if that was McDavid or Matthews, we would be talking about this at TSN around the clock.’ And he said ‘we need to show the appreciation to that goal.’

Now, you’re right, it was 2 forwards, but still, it doesn’t matter. It was the fact that Bo Horvat, shorthanded, recognized, ‘ok, that’s Jaden Schwartz.’ So, he picks that side of the ice and he just – at full speed – his legs didn’t stop moving, his skating was so crisp on that play.

I’ll make a comparison here that people may not agree with, but he looked like…almost like a Nathan MacKinnon in that moment. Like, just the way that he was skating – his agility, his lateral movement, his stickhandling and obviously, yeah, he beat Binnington. And it probably was a bit of a soft goal at the end there, like, Binnington probably could’ve had that shot, but just seeing Bo get on his horse and I appreciate James Duthie recognizing that…

You gotta give that goal props. That’s the goal of the playoffs, I think to this point.”


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